Saturday, February 25, 2012

Great books to read! Check your local Goodwill!

I know that many of you out there have E readers of some kind. Even my husband and children have the Kobo and the Ipad to read. I am not sure I can wrap my head around a world with out books. I like the idea of space and uncluttered homes but I have an inherited desire to read and acquire books.
Growing up my mother was more then an avid reader. In fact my mother would have piles of books every where in our house. I was not a good reader. In fact I did not actually read and understand a book until I was in my 20's. I have dyslexia. I am thrilled to have found a love of books even though it was late coming!

I recently went with my sister Bre-Anne to every open thrift store we could find between the Canada/US boarder and the American Girl Doll store in Seattle. We stopped at about 8 thrift stores and I was so happy to have spent only $20 and come home with so many wonderful American Girl titles.
I paid no more then 79 cents per book and was thrilled with my find.
I now have about 25 books on my must read list and between my writing and and my list (now I even have an on line American Girl Mystery book club )  
I try to find opportunity to read daily!

If you like to read and are interested in collecting American girl doll check your local Goodwill, and if you are finished with your books and want to pass them on, consider donating them to your local library or your local Goodwill or thrift store! Like me who ever finds your book will be thrilled!
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  1. The local Salvation Army often has American Girl books. I once got the entire Kit Collection in hardback for around $5.00. Every time I go there, I scour their book section. I think people get a little annoyed with me because I look and look but it is the only thrift store in our area that I have ever found anything American Girl in.

  2. Well Miss Kristi, I have to say, finders keepers! I love rescuing the books and if you are going to read and love them and you are supporting the Sally Anne (what we call it here) as well as being environmentally aware and proactive, I applaud you! Happy Hunting!