Thursday, February 2, 2012

An interview with Blogger and Poet Hannah Claire

 Today's interview is with Hannah Clarie of The Guardians of My Closet blog 

When did you get your first American Girl doll?
A:"I got my first doll, Kit, 6 years ago."
How many do you have? 
A: "I have Kit, Ruthie, Chrissa, and Kanani"

When did you get the idea to start a blog?
A:"Poetry started it all. My dad told me that he could create a place where I could put my poems. I put stories, poems, pictures, and other random stuff on there. Then I created an AG blog. That eventually became my AG and everyday blog. Then I created a blog for my doll, Chrissa. That blog eventually turned into my AG blog and my other one turned into my everyday blog. Then I switched to WordPress and that is where I am now."
Did you have any help? 
A:"My dad"

Who takes your photos?
A: "Me, of course!"
What do you like most about American Girl Dolls? 
A: "I love how there is a whole world for dolls."
What doll do you not have that you really want? 
A: "I’m not sure if I’ll get another doll but if I do I would choose MAG 39."

What do you hope your blog does for your readers? 
A: "I hope that my blog encourages girls to play with their dolls and helps bring members of the doll world together."
What kinds of things to you want my readers to know about you? 
A: "I am homeschooled and I have been my whole life. That does not mean I’m not socialized. My family is highly active in our church, my dad being the pastor, and I attend two days a week. I played on a tennis team where I was the only homeschooler this year and now I am in homeschool tennis and play matches on Saturdays against homeschoolers and people who go to public school. I am involved in homeschool drama, art, and band. Once a month middle school and high school homeschoolers get together and have what is known as teen night where we play games, eat, and socialize. I love to read and write also. I have just gotten home from China where my family adopted the most adorable little girl named Rae. I also have one more sister named Emily."
 I hope that many more of you will check out Hannah Claire at The Guardians of My Closet 
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  1. Nice interview! And I have to say, I'm loving the Doll Diaries t-shirt in the photo ;-)

    1. Me too! I love my Doll Diaries Shirt they are very sought after!

  2. Thank you so much for interviewing me! I was doing school when I realized that today was the day that my interview was supposed to be on here.