Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thoughts on Mckenna? My niece Cadence Loves her!

Well it has been over a month now and Mckenna has become a permanent fixture in my extended doll family. My niece Cadence was so excited to get Mckenna on our trip to the American Girl Store in Seattle.
I thought that Cadence was drawn to her because of her hair and the fact that she was a gymnast but she told me it was because her shoes were her favorite color!

I loved this photo my sister took, we were in the store all 5 of my nieces and Myself, My sisters Pumpy and Bre-Anne and Pumpy's husband Kevin.

This very sweet moment caught by my sister Bre-Anne fascinates me because the store was so busy, and she had three daughters getting dolls at the same time and still managed to catch these special moments with hear of her girls.
After getting Mckenna and (Marie-Grace and Rebecca opened we went off to lunch in the bistro)
We had a great time, I will remember for ever and if I forget I am thankful that Blogger will be here to remind me of the special time we had that day!


I have very little negative things to say about American Girl Dolls but Her hair/wig is not my favorite and as you can see she suffers from Bed Head.
But you have to admit the shoes are cute!
I agree with Cadence that she is a lovely doll.
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  1. Karen, I have McKenna and she has GREAT hair. Did your neice brush her hair afterwords? I have a really good est shop called cupcakecutiepie. Check out the crowned Cuties.

  2. I had to giggle at the bed head picture :) My daughters like to sleep with their dolls so ours frequently look like that. It just means they are well loved and played with, right? My girls haven't shown much interest in McKenna, surprisingly. She's a cute doll though.

  3. LOVE the bed head! Good giggle... I am torn whether to add McKenna to my wish list or not... mmm...

  4. Love her face mold! I am partial to it though:)

  5. I love her!! the bed hed worries me though...