Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sock Swap, My Swap bot Swap

In January my swap bot group did a two partner sock swap. What fun! 
We used the tutorial I posted back in October on how to make doll socks from dollar store socks!
To see that tutorial click here
I had fun creating my partners socks like the ones shown above on my Maplelea Doll, Saila.

It is so much fun checking my mail box and found a fun envelope with these adorable and colorful socks from my partner NikiG who always sends me some really fun things, and she sent me the ribbon to make Saila's ribbon in the post I did on my Maplelea blog click here to see that post . My other partner was  Sewcrazy, she sent me a fun package that was in a soup can that I had to pop the top and discovered three pairs of sock, (though My niece Laura snagged a pair before I could take a photo!)

Doll socks are so much fun to make and send, they really add to outfits and make doll dress up time that much more fun and realistic!
I love that you can make two pairs of doll socks from one sock pair! I would love to see how your own doll socks turn out! They are fun to make and you can easily practice on your own odd socks to begin with.

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