Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brandy's version of Mckennas Hamster! THANK YOU BRANDY!

Fabulous contributing blog writer, Brandy shares with us her craft for your own doll hamster!
" My girls fell in love with McKenna's accessories.  It is unfortunate that AG
bundled so much of it into one set.  Their favorite accessory was the
hamster.  So I got creative.......

The hamsters are Iwako hamster erasers.  I found them at our local "Justice"
store for 99 cents each.  You can also find them on Ebay.

I found a cage at our local pet store for $1.50.  This particular cage is
used for crickets or transporting small animals.  You can also find them at

Then I used some scrap shredded tan paper from my wrapping paper bin as the
wood chips.  I purchased this at our local dollar store.

I used a pop bottle cap for the food bowl. I used a rectangular hand punch
with tan and brown foam paper for the food...I hot clued the punched out
pieces into the cap so they would not get mixed up with the tan paper if
tipped over.

I used a travel mini spray bottle and turned it upside down.  I took a nail
and punched holes in the end and placed a mini cable tie through it to
attach to the lid of the cage.

For the hamster wheel, I used an old brush roller and cut it down to size.
I glued a tiny wood cap to the bottom to lift the wheel up a bit out of the
shredded paper.

My girls were so thrilled with this inexpensive treat.......enjoy!"

I love Brandy's creative style! I hope you will all join me in thanking her!

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  1. Very cute, my daughter found very tiny Littlest pet shops frogs now we know how to make them a cage! thanks Katherine

  2. SUPER CUTE!! My girls will LOVE this!

  3. The post look great! Thank you. Brandy

  4. That is so cute. Thanks for the creative idea!

  5. Cute idea! You can also get those hamsters at Michaels for $1, I'll have to look for the cage, my daughter would LOVE this.

  6. This turned out great! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Awesome idea!! My daughter loves the new hamster cage too and has been so sad that it wasn't available for purchase separately. This is a super cute substitute! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. This is so cool! I am making one as I type!

  9. yay. i am happy. tralalala
    from~ a person who likes to say 'Hi'

  10. I LOVE this! My daughter really wants the McKenna bed set but $225 is really a lot for one present! Would you please create some other DIY ideas for her stuff? I think what she really wants is the hamster, awards, and books. The bed itself isn't that exciting. Thanks for the great hamster idea!

  11. Awesome idea! Thanks for the tips. My daughter has a hamster so naturally we wanted her American Girl doll to have one too. There was no way I was spending that much on McKenna's set just for a hamster cage!

  12. Wow! Love all these ideas! I don't know how I missed that hamster cage post so I am glad you re-posted here. :)

  13. So glad to may you happy! Happydays525, thank you for joining us!

  14. this is an awesome idea you can also use little pet shops they are perfect

  15. I know this is 4 years later, but can you tell me what pet store you purchased these in? Thank you!

  16. If you can not find them local you can order on line here