Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A great way to collect Mini Dolls and save money!

Well as some of you know I am very excited with the 6 inch dolls American Girl has put out for collecting and playing with.
I was recently in the store at Seattle and picked up Kaya and Marie-Grace mini dolls for my niece Laura for her birthday as she fell in love with the little dolls as well when we were in store.
The 6 inch dolls are $25 in store and as I said I bought two while I was in the store. When I got home I did some research and found a better deal on a book website I use called The Book Depository 
type in American Girl Doll and the dolls they have available  will show up on the screen.

Here I can order from the selection they have available for less then $20 SHIPPED!
My nieces all want a 6 inch doll for their up coming birthdays and so I was thrilled to order Cecile for one of my nieces (and I ordered one for myself).

I wanted to share this information with you and hope that if you are trying to add to your 6 inch doll collection and looking for a bit of a price brake.
These dolls make excellent gifts for birthdays, and will also look brilliant in an Easter Basket or Stocking.
The mini books that they come with are also wonderful doll play accessories and you can actually read them!
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  1. Thanks so much for this post!!!

  2. Amazon, B&N, and Walmart also have them on their websites. They are around $15 at Amazon, so if you have Prime, that's $15 shipped, and if not, you can buy 2 and get free Super Saver Shipping.

  3. If anyone lives in the Harrisburg, PA area, there is a great little store called Olivia's Tea Room that sells all types of handmade clothes and some wood furniture for 18" dolls. They also sell American Girl Books and the Mini dolls for $21.00 each. I was so happy I bought my daughters' and sister's mini dolls there this Christmas because of I how much extra I would have spent if I had bought them through the AG Website.

  4. I got most of mine from Amazon two at a time, so I would get the free shipping.

  5. That is great, there is never any shipping with The Book depository!