Saturday, February 11, 2012

An interview with one of our readers, Dawn a 6 inch American Girl Doll Collector!

 I am so excited to share with you today an interview with one of our fellow readers who is also a 6 inch doll collector and an amazing photographer. Here is our interview....

How did you start out collecting American Girl Doll mini's? 
A:I’ve always liked the historical AGs, but never felt like I could afford to collect them, especially all the outfits and accessories.  I was interested in the glass-eye minis, but could never get around their stares.  Then one day in 2008 I spotted Mini Kit for around $12 on Amazon.  I put her in my book order and it wasn’t long until they were arriving one or two at a time. 

Which do you have?  
A:  I have all of the painted eye minis and 25th anniversary Josefina, Kirsten, Addy and Julie, too. Oh and an extra Felicity from eBay so I could have her rose garden meet dress.

Which are your favorite?
A:I would be really hard pressed to pick a favorite.  It tends to be whichever one I just made something for.

Are there any of the 25th anniversary dolls you did not get but wished you had?
A: I love Mini Rebecca’s outfit and she is an adorable doll, too. I really wanted mini Felicity’s shoes, but I had already made her Christmas dress. Mini Kit’s shoes called to me, too, but I want to try and make her dress myself.

Do you have any 18 inch AG dolls and if so which ones?  
A:I have two, Josefina and Kirsten, both of whom were given to me. Josefina by a wonderful online friend and I won Kirsten from The Doll Wardrobe last year.

What is your favorite thing to do with the 6 inch dolls? 
A: I like to make things for them. My favorite thing is to recreate the  historical outfits and accessories that I’ve loved for so many years for the mini dolls.  I also enjoy posing them and taking pictures of them that I share on flickr.

What item did you make for your 6 inch dolls first? 
A:The first thing I made for them was Mini Felicity’s Christmas dress.

Where do you keep your 6 inch dolls?
A:Mostly on bookshelves in front of the books.

Have you read all the historical doll stories? 
A:I haven’t. I’ve read the few that I have and the ones in our library. I really need to get some more of them. I’ve read Felicity’s, Kirsten’s, Sam’s, Molly’s and Josefina’s.

If so which is your favorite character? 
A;I have the same problem with the characters that I do with picking a favorite mini doll.  I just like them all.

What is the best deal price wise you have ever gotten on a 6 inch doll? 
A:Mini Kit was my best deal.  I can’t remember if she was $11 or $12 with free shipping.

Do you recommend the 6 inch dolls for everyone?
A:I sure do!

You can check out more of Dawn's amazing photos by clicking here
Thank you so much to Dawn for sharing her photos with us and for inspiring me to try to capture special moments with my mini's as well! 
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  1. Thanks for showcasing my mini dolls!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Dawn and especially the pictures of all the outfits and accessories she made for the mini AGs. Great job.