Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miss Miss Kristi's guest blog today How to make an easy Valentine's Bag for your Doll

How to Make a Valentine's Day Bag for your Doll:

As I was planning for Valentine's Day, it occurred to me that our dolls might need Valentine's Bags to keep all of their Valentine's cards and goodies they receive in.  With so many dolls and girls that both live and visit our house on a regular basis, each doll is sure to have a ton of Valentine's items.  This craft is a simple project that moms and girls alike can have fun making for their dolls!

Items Needed:
-Mini (single serving) size cereal box
-Colored construction paper (pink, red, purple or any other color that is Valentine's Day related---I used pink.)
-Heart shaped pattern or cookie cutter
-Pipe cleaners
-Hot glue
-Packaging tape
-Regular or "school" glue
-Cardboard/Poster board

Getting to Work:
Step 1:  Tape any open flaps of the cereal box shut using the packaging tape.
Step 2:  Cut an opening for the bag in one of the long sides (which will be the top) of the cereal box.
Step 3:  Using the hot glue gun to attach the paper, wrap the cereal box in construction paper of your choice of color.  Leave the top side with the opening uncovered.
Step 4:  Trim construction paper to fit the box as needed.
Step 5:  Using your heart shaped pattern or cookie cutter, trace two hearts onto construction paper.  Cut out the heart.
Step 6:  Glue the construction paper hearts to the cardboard/poster board and cut out.
Step 7:  Decorate the two heart cut outs using glitter or other items of your choosing.  Allow to dry.
Step 8:  Hot glue the heart cut outs to the box (one to the front and one to the back of the box.)
Step 9:  Hot glue pipe cleaners to the inside corners of the box to form the handles.
Step 10:  Fill the Valentine's Day bag with all your dolls Valentine's cards, sweets, and goodies!

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