Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Madelon Re Purposes A Bitty Outfit For Her 18 inch dolls.

 Today Madelon shares her photos and ideas for mixing and matching your doll clothing!
"This  Fall, when AG put Bitty Baby clothes on sale, I wanted to see how they would look on 18 inch dolls. I love how MyAG 61 looks in this plaid shirt, Khakis and brown shoes."

"The khakis are clam digger length-great alternative look- and the brown fabric shoes fit well."
"So cute! Great for a walk in the forest!"
"I recommend this for girl or boy 18 inch dolls!"
What a great idea Madelon! Thank you for sharing your photos and ideas with us!
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  1. A girl and her dollsJanuary 13, 2015 at 7:25 AM

    Would bitty baby boy clothes fit on 18 in boy dolls? Cause I have a boy doll and only two outfits for him!

    A girl and her dolls

  2. Such a cute outfit!

    I've only been following a short while. I'm sure this has been done in the past, but could you explain sometime who Madelon is?

    1. Sure! Madelon an adult doll collector and lover and is a contributor to my blog.

  3. I too tried some Bitty outfits finally this year when everything was on sale and loved the way they fit (I got brave after seeing someone post a pic in a Bitty outfit that I loved on the AGs). Pants are going to be like crops and some shirts on the shorter side but dresses fit fine. The Bitty shoes and tights DO fit AG well though. That was good to learn! And if you're wondering, a sales rep told me over the phone that yes, the AG girls fit in Bitty's bed...