Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Give The Gift Of A Second Language, Learn French and Have Fun!

With this years American Girl Doll of the year Grace having a trip to Paris why not take advantage of this theme and add a little French to your lives? I live in an English and French country so we took French in school but I have not honestly used my french in years. With everything going " that passion for French Language when paired with a love of  everything French and Paris themed right now in the Dolly World I thought it would be fun to add some great teaching resources you can add to doll play. The above book The Everything Kids Learning French Book is a great resources and a fun away to add a bit of French in your every day activities. This book is offered at $8.75 US ($10.91 CND) and can be viewed on The Book Depository by clicking here
If you are an auditory learner like I am you may like the idea of this audio cd. Learn french in the car! During play time at home simply make it fun! This is a very affordable Play and Learn French CD course offered at $12.85 US ($16.02 CND) Click here to find out more about this Audio CD.

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  1. I took French in high school and continued in college for a year or so. Loved it - everyone else was taking Spanish. Comes in handy when an author throws a French phrase into a story. I can still think it now and then too. But my skill definitely need refreshing - these look like great tools.