Monday, January 26, 2015

The Queens Treasures Tea Set, A Favortie Of My Doll Chrissa And Mine

Today I wanted to share some Professional photos my friend Karolina took of Chrissa and I and my tea set from The Queen's Treasures.  The Queen's Treasures tea set compliments my own Old Country Roses tea set perfectly!

Chrissa shows us here just how close the Antique Rose set is to my own!
This mini tea set  features two dolly sized cup and saucers, the tea pot, the cream and sugar and a plate to put it all on. This set is offered at  $33.99 and comes in a a beautiful storage box. Click here for the on line listing.
Tea parties are a huge part of doll play and are a large part of my own life! Consider purchasing a beautiful tea set for your dolls and for yourself. Tea parties do not have to be long or over organized and a simple blanket with a tea set and your doll, mom, aunt, grandmother can create memories that last a life time. Giving a child a beautiful set of china that is theirs to look after and cherish, teaches them  about respecting and caring for their own items.  Yes china is fragile but your child will learn more by using them even if they break or chip while caring for them then you would by not including them in your child's life.  Check out this tea set and many more heirloom quality items from The Queen's Treasures by clicking here.
Thank you to Karolina for taking these wonderful photos for me today! You can check out
Karolina's Photography  Facebook Fan Page by clicking here. Consider booking a dolly photo session with her if you are in the Vancouver Area.
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  1. I much prefer the ceramic and china tea sets over the plastic ones. In an upcoming post a pink demitasse cup from The Queen's Treasures will be featured. :) They really have quality items there.

  2. Beautiful photos! Beautiful lady!