Friday, January 16, 2015

A Dolly Neighbor Visit With Greta and Steampunk Addie

 Today I have invited Greta and Steampunk Addie to join us for our "Who are the people in your Dolly Neighborhood Feature" I was so thrilled when they agreed and today we have some fun photos and a great interview to share with you!

Greta how did you and Addie meet?

"Let's see. I got Addie as a used doll with silver-eyes on ebay for about $25. I got her intending to replace her eyes and make her into a custom historical for my daughter. The more I looked at her the more I loved her the way she was! She was a rosy PC with tiny braids on her hair, too."

 How did you learn about steampunk and what made you decide to up date Addies look?
 "I was familiar with steampunk as a genre and decided that her silver eyes would work well with a steampunk element. I renamed her Addie and put together her "Meet" outfit from the skirt of Addy's Christmas dress and the jacket from Felicity's riding outfit. I also gave her a brass "shell" for a necklace."

 How did Addie's character evolve?

"I started writing about her and her wardrobe on AGPlaythings and people LOVED her and wanted more so I decided to start her blog."

What inspires you?
"My daughter always inspires me. I was making the customs for her because I thought she needed more roll-models of color - she's biracial. She loves that I play with dolls and is VERY excited about thd new store about 20 minutes from our house. One of my first customs for her was Phillis Wheatley."

"I've always been interested in history and dolls which is what drew me to PC and AG. But being a writer, I couldn't resist "tampering" with Addy's stories and making them Addie's."

 You and Addie have had some fun adventures meeting some of your favorite actors can you share a bit about that with us? 
" Addie's met Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: TNG) and Nichelle Nichols (Uhura in Star Trek). Nichelle loved Addie so mych I made her a doppelgänger - although we know there's only one Steampunk Addie! "

"We also met Grumpy Cat and Nathon Fillion! "

How long have you been sewing?
 " I've been sewing for 37+ years. Addie's wardrobe was assembled from many talented seamstresses over the past few years, but it wasn't until I was in a horrible, hostile situation at an international bridal chain last February that kept derided my sewing that I finally nerved myself up to try doll clothes. (My mom *hated* sewing my doll clothes as a child, and I had told myself that it would be too stressful.) However, after making first outfit for Addie I was HOOKED!"

 Thank you Greta and Addie for sharing your story with us here today! You can find out more about Addie's Adventures by visiting her blog

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