Monday, December 3, 2012

A Ballerina in time for Christmas

A ballerina has recently arrived at my house. Welcome Claire! Claire is a limited addition Harmony Club doll, offered this holiday season for $65!
This beautiful doll is one that you will want to add to your doll family and collection. Here wig is wonderful, silky soft and easy to maintain. The color is a rich caramel brown.
 She has adorable ballet slippers that are easy to put on and re tie. I love the rosebud on the toe!
I have been asked more then a few times how Harmony Club Dolls  compare with my AG dolls, take a look here for yourself. These dolls are the same size, and will be able to wear and share Harmony club and American Girl Doll Clothing.
The outfit my American Girl Doll Ruthie is wearing is Harmony Club Doll Fashion Starlight dress offered at $18! It is so well made and looks great on all my dolls.
Here my limited addition Arianna Harmony Club Doll models the Starlight Dress.
The shoes Harmony Club sells are also worth mentioning, I just loved these Mary Jane Shoes check out all the wonderful footwear for dolls offered at $6-$9 by clicking here
I have fallen in love with the limited addition Harmony club dolls and I know you will too. There is still time to bring one home for the holidays if you order before December 10th!
Click here to see all the limited addition Harmony Club Dolls!
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  1. I love festive Holiday outfits! Will you be doing some sort of gift guide on dolls this season? I really LOVE the PenPalGirls brand you introduced us to and want to see how they compare! Their site,, is pretty cool too. Thanks for sharing

  2. I really want Bella for the holidays! I keep on asking my mom everyday.I LOVE HARMONY DOLLS! ~Qtlol10

  3. So cute. If they were 2 inches shorter, I'd get them as little sisters. Already have too many AG dolls. There are sooooo many 18 incher out there and none that make decent little sisters and brothers to the AGs. The bittys don't stand and their legs are bowed.

  4. Hi Karen,
    I have to stop reading your blog, you are costing me too much money, LOL. Another doll I want, ha,ha! Your new doll Claire is adorable! The prices and shipping at Harmony dolls is very reasonable too and the dolls are so cute! Thanks for posting this!