Monday, December 31, 2012

Brandy's New Years Day Dinner!

It has been a long standing family tradition to have some type of cabbage on
New Year's Day. One of our all time favorites is Grandma Peggy's Cabbage
Rolls.  Yummy!   While I was getting things together for the upcoming New
Year festivities, I thought it would be cute to create something for my
daughters to join in the fun.  To start, I had to create a doll sized
roaster oven.

Roaster Oven:
First I started with a rectangle paper-mache box.  I spray painted the
outside a gloss white and the inside gloss black.  I hot glued a black pony
bead to a black button and then glued that to the front of the box for the
on/off/temp knob.

 I used a label maker on a small font to make letter and
number details.  Black pony beads were used for the feet.  I finished the
oven using black foam paper for trimmings and handles.

Cabbage Rolls:
I used stripes of light green felt and rolled and hot glued together.  Sauce
is made from red felt cut into irregular shapes.

As a little extra treat I also made my daughters a pork and sauerkraut
dinner to go with their already made crock-pot.  Please see my posts
on how to make the crock-pot by clicking here.

Pork Roast:
I painted a crafter's sponge a pale tan.  For roast slices I used tan foam
cut into irregular ovals.

I used tan rubber bands cut down into small pieces; served with mashed
potatoes (white pom-poms.)

 I am so happy Brandy shared this fun holiday doll meal with us. We wish you a very Happy New year! Please join me in thanking Brandy for her creativity!
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  1. Very creative....what a fun post...blessings on your new year.

  2. Thanks Shelley! I thought it was a fun post too! Brandy is so talented and kind for lending us her talent to share!

  3. Excellent! Just showed this to my daughters who love 18 inch dolls. We will have to try all this. Thanks for sharing and Happy New year.