Saturday, December 22, 2012

Michael's Mini Ornaments a great Madelon fun find...

If Madelon lived closer she and I would have the best time shopping together and I know I would learn so much from her.

 I am in awe of her emails this season just take a look at her Christmas finds for dolls.

Today she shares with me some of her mini ornament finds from Micheal's the Craft store.

 She bought these last year but I saw them in store recently so I know they have them. Even if you can not stand the idea of getting there before Christmas, you may be able to get a deal in the coming days to put away for another doll play day.
I love how this tree came together and such fun for little girls and grown doll lovers a like!
If your tree is more of a contemporary tree take a look at these fun ornaments.
I love the mini balls, I have grown to love these sparkly ones, growing up we had the ones that were made with you know what I am talking about, they were a flat color and always ran like nylons...okay dating myself here.
Loving the wooden ones too! The ones in the second photo here are like the ones on my own tree.

Keep your eyes out for fun doll sized tree items you can use year round for doll play or that you only bring out at Christmas.
Wishing you a very Happy Tree Decorating! My thanks to Madelon for these wonderful photos.
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