Monday, December 17, 2012

Marvelous Madelon's Macy Finds! More wonderful Holiday Baking!

Marvelous Madelon's Macy Finds today brings us the most elegant re purposed doll play item to date!
 These beautiful dolly treats are actually ornaments that Madelon found at Macy's

 The are so realistic! Great doll play items for the older doll lover as they are breakable and even better photo props!
These ornaments look even more special on Madelon's Doll Dresser from The Queen's Treasures
Additionally Macy's has some non breakable ornaments that double as  dolly delights
I love these beautiful foam cakes Madelon found!
These look almost homemade! Such a great find!
The top of the cake...
Up close photo of the cut piece of cake,
Thank you Madelon for these Marvelous Macy finds, I wish I had a Macy's here in Canada. these would be in  my collection too!
Keep your eyes out for items you can add to your doll play collection as Madelon has from every day and Holiday items.
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