Saturday, December 22, 2012

Time to sew for the holidays you bet!

My Harmony Club Doll Claire wears the Wizard Robe I made from a pattern I bought on Liberty Jane Patterns webstite pattern by Michedesigns

So you think you do not have time to sew anything for this Christmas, think again, these patterns I am about to show you you can make in under 2 hours and using materials you may already have at home.
On Friday the 14th I purchased this pattern on Liberty Jane's Website to make for a birthday gift for my son to give his friend at her birthday party, which had a Harry Potter Theme. I have never made a fully lined outfit before and was nervous to attempt this pattern but I was really easy to make and I made it in about an hour, from printing out the pattern to the final stitch and if I could make it so could you! Pattern offered at $3.99
One of our readers emailed me the link to this wonderful free pattern and a great starter pattern, every one of us has a t shirt we can cut up to even try this wonderful pattern with! New Green makes this pattern easy to follow with step by step photos of the base t shirt and printable pattern. Take a look by clicking here. Under 1 hour start to finish!

I made 25 of these Doll Tag Design's Square Chairs last Christmas and if you have more then an hour to spare this chair comes together quickly and in under 2 hours you will have a great place for your dolls to sit. My son Nicholas and I made a friend of his a set of these chairs for her for Christmas last year.
We paired it with a stool from Micheal's that my son painted and she loved it!
Click here for Doll Tag Clothing and Designs Patterns on Liberty Jane to get started on a wonderful handmade gift.
A great free pattern from is this fun and easy to make in under an hour sleeping bag and pillow set! Click here to make your own.
Got a bitty baby or bitty twin? Check out my favorite dress pattern from 123 Mulberry Street. I made mine in under 1 hour and I loved how it turned out, this Sweet and Simple Dress pattern is just as the title says with easy to follow step by step photos. Check out this wonderful pattern offered at $3.99 on the Liberty Jane Website. 

Try your hand at making holiday doll socks for the doll lover in your life by using my Halloween Sock tutorial, Make them in minutes and from odd socks or new socks the choice is yours. Click here to see how. 

There are so many wonderful ways to show the doll lover in your life that you care. Homemade gifts always have a special place in my heart and I hope they will in yours as well. It is not how much you spend on the gift that matters as you well know, it is the thought and the effort the gift that should have the most meaning this and every gift giving occasion.
Start sewing today or plan to start for the new year. Sew along with me in the new year be sure to send me your photos!Email your sewing photos to if you would like me to share in your accomplishments and/ or share them with here with others.

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