Monday, December 10, 2012

Brandy's Italian Christmas Freat for Dolls

When I think of a traditional Christmas dinner, I think "Italian."  I am
blessed to have wonderful Italian cooks in my family.  So with this
Christmas craft, I decided to recreate a combination of present day
Christmases with those of my childhood.  A combination of Grandma Dee's
Lasagna, Grandma Franny's ravioli's, and Uncle Brian's spaghetti and
meatballs set the scene for the menu.  Everything was finished off with
salad, garlic bread, and dessert.

Lasagna: Layers of yellow/gold felt, red felt, tan foam paper, and white
felt.  Two layers of each were used.  Six servings were for each
chair at their Payne Street Doll Boutique table.  Baking dish was a ramekin
found at a Dollar Store.  You could also use the lid of a jewelry box for a
baking dish.

Ravioli:  Tan felt was cut into squares.  Inside each square was a mini
pom-pom.  The tan felt squares were clued and pinched around the pom-pom.  I
took a brown maker to add a few markings to the edges.  Baking dish was a
ramekin found at a Dollar Store.

Spaghetti:  Noodles were made from a creamy tan yarn.  Sauce was made from
red felt cut into irregular shaped pieces.  Meatballs were brown pom-poms.

Salad:  Irregular cut pieces of light and medium green felt.

Garlic Bread:  I used thick white foam sheets.  Cut into a bread shape.  I
used a light brown/tan marker and colored the edges for crust.  Then I used
a yellow marker to color the front and back of the bread for the garlic
color.  I used a mini place setting/favor basket...cut off the handle and
added ribbon and a snowflake button for the bread basket.

Raspberry Sherbet:  I loved the pink dessert in the American Girl Lasagna I used that idea.  I used a green Sprite cap for the dessert bowls.
I took a pink pipe cleaner and rolled it up in a ball.  (I didn't want to
use a pink pom-pom.  I was already using pom-poms for the meatballs.  I
wanted a different texture to the scene.)

Most of the other dishes used were spice bowls or dishes from the Our
Generation line at Target.

Table and kitchen sets are from Payne Street Doll Boutique.

Happy Dollydays!~Brandy

Thank you Brandy for sharing these wonderful ideas and photo's! So inspiring!
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  1. Wow...such a feast! Better than AG's "Delicious Dinner" set!

  2. these creations are super i saw so many of your cool crafts that i bought some plugs fun foam and shaker pegs to start making your cool playsets