Friday, December 14, 2012

Thank you Maplelea! Jean our winner of the New Maplelea Doll Shares her photos

That message come to us from our recent Maplelea Friend Doll winner Jean. She kindly sent me these photos of her new Maplelea Friend whom she has named Brandi.
Brandy has the most lovely hair!
She even arrived with a wonderful journal and brush! Thank you Maplelea!
She is fitting in so nicely with her new friends!
Happy Holidays every one!
Thank you so much to Jean for these photos and to Maplelea for the opportunity to award one of your beautiful Canadian dolls to one of our lucky winners!
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  1. Thanks again Karen!,
    Too bad my pics weren't clearer but, she is gorgeous! She can wear the AG clothes and so, far she can wear Springfield shoes, they are snug but they do fit. I find the Maplelea clothes are really well made too! Much nicer quality than AG. That is good to know for other readers who may want to buy Maplelea outfits!
    I like that her hands can hold a book nicely too! Cheers, Jean

  2. Thanks Jean and congrats again! Enjoy her!