Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let's Review My New Years Resolutions from 2012

Last year I wrote a list of 12 resolutions and I thought it would be fun to see if I actually completed any of the 12 I set out to do(... here is last years post link if you want to see what I wrote last year.)

Number 1 on my list was "Learn to Crochet".... I tried I took one class and promptly left my hook behind.... I get a FAIL on this one!

Number 2 on my list was "I would like to learn to knit more then a straight row and learn to know what to do next."....I did!!! This one I get a PASS on! I not only kept knitting, in March  I completed a doll sweater and earlier this month published my first knitting pattern. Also in the last week I knit 5 full sized scarves! (Yay me)

 Number 3 on my list was "I would like to make some Youtube videos to share more of my work with you,( I need to get over the fear I have of my voice on video)" On this I get a PASS, though I only published one on Doll Diaries in August.

Number 4 on my list "I would like to continue to post daily and share with you all the wonderful people I meet, things I find and shops I come across as well as a craft or two." Well I have continued publishing daily and have met some more wonderful people in the doll world! I get a PASS on this one as well!

Number 5 on my list was  " I would like to be able to share photos of my creative space with you all with out spending three months cleaning it to take one photo and then have it be the disaster it is the next minute. If you are a personal organizer contact me with your suggestions and ideas!" On this I get an EPIC FAIL. Honestly my doll room looks like an episode of hoarders currently.

Number 6 on my list was "I would like to sew through all the patterns I have purchased from Liberty Jane and share my journey with you." I get a PASS on this one steadily sewing through all my patterns from Liberty Jane and enjoying so many of them this year.

Number 7 on my list was "Continue to have great contests and Give Away 's"  A huge thank you to the wonderful Etsy Shop Artisans, Companies  that have donated their wonderful products this year! I get a PASS on this one as well!

Number 8 on the list was "I would love to post more from my readers so if you have a photo, story idea or craft you would like to share please send me an email at" I get a PASS on this one as well! Thanks to all who wrote for me and submitted ideas, a special thank you to Madelon who joined out team this year and went from blog follower to contributing writer! Keep your stories and photos coming!

Number 9 on the list was  "I would like to go on more doll adventures, have some meet and greets and more craft parties." I get a PASS on this one as well!

Number 10 on the list was " I would like to add to my doll collection (money, time and opportunity permitting of course) I am looking for a doll that is of Asian Descent to add to my collection, so that I can represent as many girls as I can through my doll photography and posts. As well I would love to add some bitty twins to my collection so if you happen upon these second hand and are able to let me know I would love to purchase some from you!"  On this one I get a PASS as well, I added to my collection so much this year I am overwhelmed and excited to say!

Number 11 on this list was "I would like to feature more doll play ideas and items for Bitty Baby, and Bitty Twins" I get a FAIL on this one, I only wrote one post about bitty twins this year, I really must work on this for next year.

Number 12 on my list was "I would love to keep finding ways to help you enjoy your dolls and find ways to help you grow with your dolls through my craft ideas and blog posts." I think I got a PASS on this one!  I am basing this on all the wonderful comments and emails I have gotten from you my wonderful readers!

So all in all drear readers my report card is this  I complied with 9 of my 12 resolutions. I think that is pretty good! I shall now go and compile my list for 2013 and hope to be as successful next year! A huge thank you to all of you who have inspired me to keep these resolutions this year. I hope you enjoyed today's post and in case you are wondering I am still looking to get American Girl Doll Ivy... I think that will be number one on my list for 2013!

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  1. Congrats on reaching so many of your goals Karen! I don't always comment on each of your posts, but I have really enjoyed reading them each day. I have you in my blog reader and check it out each morning when I have my tea.

    I am the opposite of you. I have been crocheting since I was a little girl but can't seem to pick up on knitting. I did get one of those Knook things which allows you to knit with a hook but still haven't made anything more than a scarf with it. One of these days I will get the hang of it.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. Thanks Jen, I love hearing from you. I wish we lived closer, that way we could help each other out! Thank you for taking the time to write me! I am off to make some tea as well. I hope you will like my new New Years Resolutions coming up. Happy New Year to you and your family also.