Friday, December 21, 2012

BC Doll lovers meet up

Last night I had the most fun meeting up with some local doll lovers.  We met on line and started planning this event a few weeks back and I am so glad we did!
We each brought a few of our doll favorites and did a Secret Santa exchange.  I made an outfit to give as my Secret Santa Exchange gift, which I can not believe I did not take a photo of! Silly me, we had so much fun I forgot! But it was a Holiday Candy Cane Shirt, Pants and socks as well as a Santa Hat. My dear friend Lauren was able to make it all the way from Victoria via Richmond!!
As a thank you I made each guest a BC Doll Lovers Meet Up T-shirt, using the Liberty Jane Free T-shirt pattern and Iron on transfer paper I bought at staples. I used the photo I created at the top of the post as the logo.

Deena of the you tube channel beena and deena was one of the amazing people I had the pleasure of meeting. If you are not familiar with her work you should check out her channel and subscribe. You can also check out her Facebook Fan Page by clicking here.
Another of the truly talented "You tubers"I met was the creator of AG AvenueStudios, she is a lovely person with a great heart, a good eye for re-purposing every day items in to doll play items as well as being an up and coming Youtube channel owner. I just loved meeting her. Check out her adventures on Youtube or her Facebook Fan Page , you will be glad you did!

I am so in awe of the talented doll lovers I met last night and am so glad we are planning a trip to the Seattle Store for the New Year. I hope to continue to meet with my local doll lovers and share our adventures with you. I was having such a great time last night I forgot to take photos. When it is light again I will do another post showing my Secret Santa gift and my "thank you for coming gift" I got from Deena, as well as a close up photo of the Meet up shirt I created for the event.
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