Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doll play baking set "Mckenna Bakes Cookies"

 Madelon shared these photos with me and they are such a wonderful idea, handmade trays and surprise the cookies are stickers!

Our 2012 Doll of the year makes a tray of holiday cookies to share...
"Her cookies (Tim Coffey Grand Adhesions dimensional stickers) have just been cooled and decorated. The tray is cardboard covered in foil. If you add handles the tray can look like a fancy serving tray."

Even the non crafty girls/doll lovers, moms, grandmothers and aunties alike can handle this craft! The dolly napkins are actually just scrapbook paper folded into doll size napkins!
Thank you for another wonderful doll play idea Madelon!
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