Monday, December 17, 2012

A treat for the eyes as well as the Dolls, Brandy's Holiday Baking Set

You know I am so lucky to have some very talented people share their doll play ideas and crafts here regularly and Brandy is sharing with us today her dolly holiday baking. I am beginning to thing there is nothing this lady can not make out of fun foam and pompoms! Enjoy today's Post!
Well, when I think of preparing for Christmas...I think not only of
decorating, but of SWEETS!  The wonderful aromas of cinnamon and vanilla!
My daughters asked me to make some pies and cookies.  They had very specific
pies in mind, pumpkin, cherry, and apple.  All which they said reminded them
of their Grandpa Chuck.  So how could I refuse that!  But, they gave me a
challenge.  Each pie needed to be able to be "dished out."  Hmmmm...okay...I
can do this...and I did!  For my pie pans I used the lid of a 3 inch craft
cardboard circular box and spray painted it silver.  For the cookie sheet I
used the lid of a 4 inch rectangular lid.

Pie 1 :  The pumpkin pie.  Well, this was pretty simple.  I had some
practice with making one at Thanksgiving time.  I used tan foam paper, an
orange sponge, and mini white pom-pom for whip cream.  For the crust I used
a hole puncher and lined up the punched out pieces....I always use a hot
glue gun for assembly.  I'm too impatient for other glues.

Pie 2:  The cherry pie.  I used mini red pom-poms and tan foam paper.  Each
slice has 10 pom-poms. Each pom-pom was only 7mm.  Lattice work for a pie
with individual pieces was just too time consuming.  I settled for a
decorative foam top.  Again, for the crust I used a hole puncher and lined
up the punched out pieces.

Pie 3:  The apple pie.  My BIGGEST challenge!  This little pie was a labor
of love.  It took a little longer than expected, but I LOVE how it turned
out.  My daughters were so excited.  I started with tan foam paper.  Inside
each piece to two small triangles of thick white foam stacked on
top of the other.  I used irregular shaped pale yellow beds and glued them
around the foam triangles.  I topped with tan foam paper.  I used a
rectangular hole puncher for the slit on tip.  Again, for the crust I used a
hole puncher and lined up the punched out pieces.  I topped it off with a
little clear glitter(using Tacky Glue) for the look of a sugared topping.

Cookies:  My daughters had so much fun making these.  Super easy...and fast.
I took tan and brown foam paper.  I used a quarter as the cooking template.
Then my daughters added foam stickers for frosting...or marker dots for
chocolate chips.

I love how my daughters played with the "sweets."  Addy in the kitchen
mixing her ingredients and checking on her pies in the oven.

 Kit sneaking a cookie.  It makes me smile to see them enjoying these little crafts.  It
really puts you in a Christmassy mood!  The kitchen set is from Payne StreetDoll Boutique.  The kitchen is excellent girls "really play"
hard with it!

Merry Christmas!!~Brandy

Thank you Brandy for sharing these wonderful crafts with all my readers and for sharing with them how to make them for our own doll play sets!
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  1. those desserts are beautiful! I love all the ideas for stuffing the pies, it is a little work intense but it is so lovely...the pie crust is impressive, no trace of glue anywhere, a skill is truly envy!
    thanks for the great tutorial.

  2. You are simply amazing! You've given me a new insight whenever I walk into a store! I attempted to make your adorable cherry pie & failed miserably. (Apparently, I need instructions for a Kindergartner.) Can you tell me - did you assemble the whole pie & then cut it, or assemble each individual piece? If you did individual pieces, how did you cut the crust for the side of the pie & attach it to the bottom crust?
    thanks oodles!

  3. I am going to do these but instead of pom poms I will use foam.