Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Check out my Maple Cabin Lodge Outfit!

Well Stacy has a new outfit, I could not wait to order it when Maplelea had the free shipping and thanks to my Friend Lauren (who had it added to her order) I now have this fantastic Maplelea Set.
I love this set, Maplelea Hit this out of the park! It comes with the sweater (which I would really like in my size!) as well as the mits, scarf and vest...but the best part has to be the hat!
 I love this hat so much, the ear flaps can be worn up or down. It is furry and fluffy as well!
This set is offered at $40 Canadian and I normally do not spend that much on one outfit but I loved this one so much! Click any of the highlighted words to see the listing on Maplelea's website.
And for those of you wondering the outfit with the exception of the gloves fits American Girl dolls as well.

Thank you to Lauren for ordering this set for me as well as braiding Stacy's hair!
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  1. I love the whole outfit, but especially the hat!


  2. Oh I want that hat! The whole outfit is to die for!!!!!