Friday, December 21, 2012

More from the BC Doll Lovers Meet Up!

Well it is as light as it is going to get today, here is a photo of the shirt I made for the meet up!
Deena gave us each a meet up gift bag as well. She is so thoughtful. I loved what she put together.
For our meet up we decided to do a Secret Santa exchange and I got this adorable hat from Deena! Build a Bear Hat that looks so great on our dolls! I love how it looks on Chrissa!
I had such a great time last night and I really want to thank all the ladies for coming out and I hope to get  together again soon!
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  1. Such lucky girls! I wish I was closer, but considering I am on the complete opposite side of the continent, I don't think I could have just "popped in" for a visit. So glad you all got together and your dolls got some super cute goodies.

  2. It was so much fun, we will have to get together soon, even if it is by Skype!